Stop the Car Tax Hike

With virtually no notice to the public, politicians in the California State Legislature crammed through a massive hike to the Car Tax and Gas Tax.

If you want to join the campaign to STOP THE CAR TAX in California, please sign this petition  - and share with your friends! We oppose the excessive California Car Tax which was not voted on by

We The The People.

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Two dozen California companies have said they are tired of the business-bashing in Sacramento, along with the high taxes -- and they are now threatening to leave the state.

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CRPA Will give an update and power point  presentation on the California 2 A legislation in Lincoln in may.

Date and time will be posted soon along with a link to get free tickets.


Aerojet to eliminate 1,100 local jobs, stop manufacturing in Rancho Cordova
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May 23 , 2017

501C-3                    Educational  Charity

       Greater Sacramento area

Liberal papers are now admitting that

California is failing. 

The case for a Republican governor in 2018

The One-party rule has ruined California. The last two years have fully exposed the Democratic Party’s failures across California.
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June  20, 2017

Steve Baird

will give a presentation  on the

State of Jefferson movement.

Also that same evening

Dianna Verba

ACT for America

will give us a presentation on

Sahria Law in America.


July 18, 2018

John Cox Republican  Candidate for Governor and founder of the Neighborhood Legislature  movement


A beautiful rendition of our

National Anthem